8.16.2020. a trigger is an unhealed wound,” i tell her. “what aren’t you unhealed from?”she accuses, deadpan. self-deprecation stories in resharable relatability: vulnerability has been meme’d. our shadow side is seen as an Evil to be repressed. creativity is then blocked. art becomes pieces of unoriginality intertwined with undeserved superiority. self-righteousness is a balancing actContinue reading “mask”

misguided soulmates

1.25.2020. like a character in my favorite books: charismatic with a carefully constructed laugh. never angry, always composed. their light dims. darkness screams at you telepathically. we hopped onto the carousel. one stepped off. the other stayed. skipped back on board. jumped off. gripped harder. the headache from the dizziness made her faint. she wokeContinue reading “misguided soulmates”


I used to keep all of my feelings nuzzled inside, and when they seeped out, I learned to joke to explain it all. Charm them! Or: I’d fight to say bare minimum. Walls. Highly sensitive, I didn’t know how to put words to feelings. Too many feelings! I sat in my front yard and ranContinue reading “misunderstood”