8.16.2020. a trigger is an unhealed wound,” i tell her. “what aren’t you unhealed from?”she accuses, deadpan. self-deprecation stories in resharable relatability: vulnerability has been meme’d. our shadow side is seen as an Evil to be repressed. creativity is then blocked. art becomes pieces of unoriginality intertwined with undeserved superiority. self-righteousness is a balancing actContinue reading “mask”

The Last Letter

only cry for special occasions. here’s a clarification of my tears. if i am not diplomatic, I am over emotional. we can’t have that. the thorough breakdown of the scenario. let me explain. just the highlighted sentences in the book of an undeveloped opportunity. scurry away. come back, blatantly detached. i’m an essayist, not aContinue reading “The Last Letter”