to be human


we spoke of


when the door opened, leading one out.

a sunny day.

fled to seek Detachment.

a bug snuck in and circled around us.

i two-stepped as others ran near it in rage.

we’re no longer barbarians, yet

we still must kill what disturbs us.

our fingernails have purple polish on them since the world told us we were

royalty without title.

the human experience says

live exactly like each other

and when together,

discuss your conformity.

devoid of depth.

jokes on

unsatisfactory feelings with life,

not knowing it’s their soul

trying to reach consciousness.

restless sleep:

blame technology and

blame loneliness.

the door opens, and we see

two unknowns have come back.

they say Detachment isn’t for them.

comfortable with Earth.

“we’re only human,” they say.



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