Purpose in Purses


hoarding all of my assumed

necessities in a pink Coach bag.

where’s my vape? she asked.

leaning against a table as two

heavy Kate Spades smack me,

their blonde owners rush

towards smiling faces.

i slip away from the table, and return to another hit by another Kate whose owner is a tall, hostile beauty.

all unbothered.

i turn, and socialize

with sarcastic quips

and emotional exclaims.

i piece together the dots

in my mental bulletin board.

signs of the past, hints of the

upcoming, but most of all:

my own shallow worries in

full focus.

new genuine friends,

and easy laughter.

i reflect on the good.

clarity is in every nervous gulp of air.

me with my asides and

unkempt hair.

me with black

heeled Oxfords


Old Skool Vans.

She is pending.

a quarter late.

Published by Jaz


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